ASBX is an innovative company in the textile sector that continually invests in sustainable materials in order to stand out as the most sustainable garment manufacturer in Portugal. We were challenged to "think green" and renew its presence in the digital world.

A new identity

Blue, green, and white tones predominate in this new visual identity. Furthermore, the colors are used to organize the available space, giving it personality.

In this case: Confidence, tranquility, hope, freedom, and peace are adjectives that distinguish the brand. The font that is used looks to play an important role in the brand's communication.

A space for everyone

These days, having a website is essential in any business, and the fashion world is no exception. Websites are much more than text and images. Nowadays, users prioritize a good browsing experience and easy access to content.

Thus, we thought of a website that was easy to navigate, designed with attention to detail, where a wide range of products, samples, and services can be found.

The "Talk to us" CTA is one of the most effective elements of the website and is available via email or WhatsApp.

This call-to-action is highlighted on all the landing pages, allowing users to quickly get in touch with ASBX.


Content that generates interest

We created a space, the blog, where ASBX can share informative and relevant content about its products, services and even tips and trivia about the world of sustainable fashion.

Betting on a blog with quality content is an important factor in search engine optimization, looking to achieve prominence in search results.


Good ideas come from good conversations!