With the enormous importance of online bookings for Hotels' success, it is essential to have good photos of the rooms, living areas, services and even the location of the Hotel. When we were challenged to photograph all of Axis Hotels in Portugal, each one with its own peculiarities (including a golf course!), the goal became immediately clear: how can we take a potential customer there, without him leaving his home, convincing him to make a reservation?

Lights... action!
But tidy up first.

After a briefing that explained what each place has to offer, we went on to the preparations: placing everything in the right place, eliminating creases in the fabrics, whatever messiness there may be in the room. Basically, minimizing visual noise - we want the potential client to fancy how jumping into an impeccably made bed might feel - not to align the chairs!

With everything tidy, lights on! Our best light is the Sun, always present, always willing to come in and join us. We don't create barriers, we let it in and be a part of our stay. Curtains open, even the windows, doors, skylights. If necessary, additional lights are turned on, if that makes sense in the scene we are photographing. And we start!


Let the room shine

We always want to present the room in its best possible conditions. Lighting is important, but the perception of space and comfort is also important. We look for the corners, which offer the possibility of a broader perspective, and lower angles than our natural vision.

This way we were able to present the scenario in its fullness, with the presence it deserves, and offer a balanced perspective over all the elements.

See outside from the inside

Who wants to stay in a room with no windows? Nobody! Therefore, the view is important, which creates a challenge when photographing an interior space with windows. A camera does not yet have the extraordinary capabilities of the human eye to adapt to a scene with a wide range of light intensity.

So, to get a realistic picture of a well-lit interior scene where, simultaneously, we can see what's beyond the living room or bedroom windows, we need several exposures that, when joined together, capture the whole scene, without bright lights or shadows with no details.


What makes each location special

Each of the 6 Axis hotels has distinctive features, different approaches for customers looking for different experiences.

The main goal of our work is to highlight these special features, presenting the uniqueness of each hotel.


Axis Viana

With a striking and award winning architecture, Axis Viana distinguishes itself for its smart looks, with straight lines, large windows and expansive views from each of the rooms.

Axis Golfe - Ponte de Lima

In the heart of Minho, Axis Golfe lives in unison with the golf course, in a permanent relationship of intimacy, where golfers play in green, luxurious landscapes, watched by those who take a break for lunch in the Hotel's restaurant.


Basic Braga by AXIS

In perfect symbiosis with Braga's train station, Basic Braga asserts its proximity to travelers with young and efficient facilities, perfect for those who just arrived at the city or those preparing to leave.

Axis Vermar

Right by the beach in Póvoa de varzim, Axis Vermar offers instant proximity to the sea, in a popular destination both for leisure, with a large swimming pool, and for work, with a wide range of conference rooms.


Axis Porto

Fully integrated into Porto's urban fabric, Axis Porto is a hideaway in the heart of the city, and the perfect stay to visit one of Europe's best destinations.

Axis Ofir

Between the mouth of river Cávado and the Atlantic Ocean, with dunes and a pine forest in between, Axis Ofir offers breathtaking views over nature's lush green landscapes and the deep blues of the sea, in a relaxing and inspiring leisure destination.


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