Cáritas Arquidiocesana de Braga, in collaboration with the School of Psychology of the University of Minho and the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality, requested our help for the creation of all the graphics and editorial design for the professional handbook “Domestic Violence: Group Intervention with Children and Teenagers”.


We feel that we make a difference in the projects that we work on. This feeling is specially strong when we're talking about a social project. Our approach designing this handbook  was widely discussed with Cáritas.

This manual was made for professionals who work directly with children and teenagers and is divided into two parts. The first, mostly theoretical, and a second, with a strong practical nature.


Since this manual is a social tool for professionals, but also children and teenagers, our focus was on its use. As a teaching tool, it had to be clear, visually appealing and simple.


Color palette and information architecture

We used a soft color, with variations in its intensity, to provide a comfortable reading experience, but the main challenge was organizing each page in the best possible way.

We used illustrations for the exercises in this manual. The mascot, who appears as an affable figure, conveying confidence and tranquility, welcomes the reader and accompanies each exercise.

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