A promo video helps to promote companies and products, bringing forward the concept behind a business idea. That's what we did for Cerveja Letra.

We are all ears

Before moving on to action, we listen to what our customers hope to achieve with the video and what message they want to convey.

In the case of Cerveja Letra, the goal was to communicate its history and its beers, but also the spirit and values that define them.


Who is Cerveja Letra for?

Understanding who the current and potential customers are is essential for the next stages of the project. This information helps us to choose the actors, filming locations and style to be used in the video.


Where, with whom and what will happen. After understanding what the goal is and who is the target audience of the video, it's time to write on paper the story we want to tell.


Script and Storyboard

With the story in hand, we detail the various stages of our film: number of scenes, voice-over, subtitles and a detailed description of each scene.

If the script is an essential tool for the filming process, preparing a storyboard, which is an even more visual tool, is also very useful.


Ready? Action!

This is the last stage before we move on to filming. Location scouting, travel plans, permits, gear, actors' needs, wardrobe and makeup, as well as other subjects,

are many of the concerns of those who direct the necessary production for a video. Foreseeing all situations and possible problems makes all the difference in order to make sure we end up with a high quality product.

Good ideas come from good conversations!