With the world taking refuge at home during a global pandemic, Chamvin decided to take its vast wine cellar to the digital world and, thus, bring to everybody's home the best that wine and other beverage producers have to offer. We embraced this project as if it was a glass of Barca Velha: to the last drop!

First, the shining stars

Chamvin's wine cellar is big, and bringing this entire collection to the online world is a time consuming endeavour. However, universal classics are always a must-have, and giving them the prominence they deserve, right

at the entrance of the site, it is the best starting point to innitiate the adventure of knowing the entire collection of drinks available at Chamvin.


Short paths for tasting

Whoever opens a bottle of wine is always anxious for the sensations of that first taste. How do we bring this idea to an online store? We created the shortest and most direct route to discovering the perfect wine and then taking it to the consumer's home.

Add to cart, finish order, taste! An experience enriched with great attention to the way the product is presented and optimized for those who visit the site on a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Optimize and sell

Any successful online store must be well optimized for search engines. After all, the search engine is often the starting point for a purchase. It's essential to optimize each e-commerce page, taking into account its content - products, articles, news, etc. -, but also a

set of strategies that link this content with meta title, meta description, meta tags, among many other parameters. Another good option for an increased visibility is Google Shopping, which presents products prominently and directly to their target audience.


Good ideas come from good conversations!