KTK came to us with an especially challenging request: to photograph its printing machines in their entirety. What was so challenging about that? The extra-large dimensions of the machines, some over 20 meters long!

A studio in production

Since KTK has total control over each step related to the construction of its machines, since each part is internally inspected and assembled there, the final product takes shape in their huge production pavilion.

This is where we install our mobile “studio”, isolating all the equipment in the best way, with all the hustle and bustle of production around it in other machines. We use a huge white cloth to eliminate the background and we raise cranes that allow us to get the best perspective on the whole machine.

Details also count

The main goal was always to present each machine in its entirety, so that potential KTK customers can understand its size and production capacity.

But each machine has particularities in its operation that are also interesting to show, such as the screens that serve as a secondary control panel or the system for moving the rulers.

Boas ideias surgem de boas conversas!