More than an institutional website

More than just creating an institutional website, the Centre for Residue Appreciation renewed its digital presence through a platform that connects associates, contributors and projects.
More than an institutional website

Being a Technological Interface Centre, the importance of CVR’s work manifests itself in several ways. Therefore, the website’s project should reflect the CVR universe. This universe incorporates the legacy of the Centre, but also its projects — national and international —, services, events and 


publications. More than that, the website becomes a work platform through a reserved area, which possesses functionalities that facilitate the day to day job of CVR’s collaborators.

Mobile first

It’s common knowledge that search engines privilege websites that are optimized with a consistent mobile version. In our projects we go a bit further 


than that by prioritizing the smartphone user experience, given that more than 50% of website users do so through mobile devices.

More than an institutional website

A website as a work tool

The CVR website has a custom reserved area to respond to specific needs requested by the client. Our websites, being developed from the ground 


up through various technologies, allow the implementation of such functionalities that make our clients tasks easier to execute.

An important online archive

Articles, publications, news, amongst other contents. The CVR website is in fact a platform that aggregates various contents, 

 quite easy to update through a powerful CMS system

More than an institutional website
More than an institutional website