We were challenged to develop a senior hotel in Póvoa de Lanhoso with a unique concept that offers excellent conditions for temporary stays and permanent stays in permanent contact with nature.

Omnichannel communication that transmits the brand's values

We developed a strategy suited to the target audience and aligned with the brand purpose that, focused on offering an experience of comfort and well-being, expands its operations with radical activities and cultural, gastronomic and nature tourism packages. 

In order to increase brand awareness, generate engagement and garner leads, we implemented a strategy involving the following channels:

Facebook: Through promotional, informative and educational content, we communicate the services and advantages of residing at Vivenza, generating curiosity and trust. 

Instagram: We adopt a strategy with light, motivational and entertainment content. We also focus communication on reels and stories that add value to the brand and generate interaction with the target audience.

Outdoors: Offline communication in strategic locations in northern Portugal in order to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness.

Media/Press: Increased credibility and visibility of Vivenza through the media, establishing a central and facilitating point of contact.

Meta Ads and Google Ads: Targeted paid media strategy, aligned with inbound marketing and directed at the target audience previously defined.


Results aligned with the defined KPI's

Our team tracked the birth of the brand and sought to achieve its goals through relevant key metrics:


New perspective of ageing with quality of life

Being involved in the communication and promotion of Vivenza challenges us on a daily basis to demystify the concept of the traditional nursing home, which is deeply rooted in Portuguese society.

Driven to achieve the best results, we make the most of all channels that add value, transmitting the essence of living intensely, sharing moments and building the best version of you.

Good ideas come from good conversations!